FENG SHUI 2016-2017

Class Schedule

Weekend #1 September 10th & 11th
Weekend #2 October 22nd & 23rd
Weekend #3 November 12th & 13th
Weekend #4 December 3rd & 4th
Weekend #5 January 7th & 8th
Weekend #6 February 4th & 5th
Weekend #7 March 5th & 6th
Weekend #8 April 1st & 2nd
Weekend #9 May 6th & 7th

The Practical Aspects of Feng Shui (for Interior Designers) (30 hours)

Class Topics Include:

• Introduction to Feng Shui
• Bagua, Five Elements, Yin & Yang
• Cultivating Ch’i & Intuition
• Feng Shui & Interior Design
• Clutter and Space Clearing
• Feng Shui in the Real World
• I Ching
• 9 Star Ki
• How to deliver Feng Shui Consultations
• Residential and Commercial Case Studies
• Feng Shui & Health
• Shadowing consultations
• Feng Shui Landscape/Garden and more!


Feng Shui Practitioner Certification: $3,950.00*
* Ask about our monthly payment plan option
For more information, please email us at mainoffice@met-design.com or telephone 516-845-4033.


Note: Guest lecturers and consultants in specialized fields of design are invited at the discretion of the school to give presentations for the student's enrichment in interior design.

MIID conducts all classes in a classroom setting and/or decorator showroom.

Licensed by the New York State Education Department.
Established since 1977.
International Feng Shui Guild: Gold School Member